What is the purpose of pre-ordering? 

To ensure your gift gets to the recipient before Christmas, pre-order is required.  

When will my payment be processed? 

Your payment will be processed at the time you place your order. 

If I pre-order directly from your web site, is my Beauty Gift Box guaranteed? 

Yes, except in extremely rare circumstances where we have encountered an unforeseen issue beyond our control. If such a rare circumstance should occur, we will contact you as soon as practicable to discuss your options (which may include accommodations with another product). 

Can I ask you for updates on the progress of my pre-order? 

Yes, we will also send you a confirmation when things are ready to go! 

If I pre-order directly from your web site, is my Beauty Gift Box guaranteed to arrive by Christmas? 

Yes, as long as you order before December 13th we will start to ship orders received between 11/16 and December 13th first. After December 13th we cannot assure orders will be guaranteed to arrive by Christmas. 

How do I make sure my Beauty Gift Box arrives to the right address? 

In the checkout process shipping address comes first. Make sure you put the gift recipient’s address under “shipping address”, this will ensure your recipient gets their gift on time. 

I need to change my order’s address-how do I do it? 

Changes to address details can only be made if your order is not fulfilled and shipped. Please email for further assistance. 

My pre-order Beauty Gift Box isn’t a gift, when will I receive it?  

Pre-Ordered Beauty Gift Boxes will start to ship out 11/30 and most orders are received in less than a week 

What is “Holiday Packaging”? 

When you select yes, we will send your Beauty Gift Box in Holiday Packaging. Your order will be wrapped including a ribbon and small sequined ornament.  

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