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Brush on buildable waterproof color using a cream-gel brow formula with built-in brush that fills, sculpts and defines to take your brows from boring to brilliant!  Cream-gel formula Buildable color Waterproof Built in brush
With Kleancolor Brow Brilliant Brow Cream Gel With Brush, you can fix the eyebrows to give the perfect shape throughout the day and fill in the holes you can have to make them look thicker and more defined. This cream gel is waterproof.

Kleancolor Brow Brilliant Brow Cream Gel With Brush

Brow Drama® Shaping Chalk™ Eyebrow Powder delivers boldly filled brows with soft edges for an impactful makeup look. Long-lasting, all-day wear.
 Bring on boldly filled, softly-shaped brows with Maybelline’s first ever brow powder. The loose powder formula fills in smooth color, while the thick-to-thin brush applicator creates instant definition. Flawlessly shaped brows are made easy.

Maybelline Brow Drama® Shaping Chalk™ Eyebrow Powder

Brow Precise® Micro Eyebrow Pencil Makeup features an ultra-fine 1.5mm tip and grooming brush to deliver micro-precision in every stroke. Brows are shaped and filled with impeccable precision. Shape your way to defined yet natural looking eyebrows with this ultra-precise eyebrow micro pencil. Shape with eyebrow spoolie brush for bold beautiful brows
Get the brow look and unveil natural looking, precisely shaped eyebrows. The brow pencil features an ultra-fine tip to create hair-like strokes. The Brow Precise Micro Eyebrow Pencil also comes with a blending brush to soften the lines for fuller-looking natural eyebrows 4 different shades, from blonde to dark brown. precisely shaped Eyebrows are filled and shaped naturally eyebrow pencil with an ultra-fine tip creates hair-like lines Blending brush softens lines for a natural eyebrow look

Maybelline Brow Precise Micro Pencil


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